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W I N T E R - S E S S I O N S

Ahhhhh snow season. You either love it or hate it. I don't know many people who actually like the snow but personally I think it's beautiful. This month has been crucial for re-building my portfolio as the seasons change and as I have been making a shift in my work. When I say I'm making a shift in my work... what I mean is I want to change the way I capture emotion. I want to see movement, romance, dream like moments.

My good friend Rochelle responded to a model call and from there we made some magic! Her and her partner Dakota helped me over the summer when I needed a couple to add to my portfolio. They have always been so fun to work with and together they absolutely radiate in love. They say you have to take pictures of what you want to attract, and these two totally nail that description.

M I N D // C O L D

If you are the type of person who dreads snow and cold weather in general, I totally get it. It's not everyone's thing. BUT... You have to admit the scenery is awfully pretty to look at. This session lasted about 35-40 minutes and we moved the entire time. I tried to direct Rochelle and Dakota in such a way that would grant me the opportunity to capture those "candid" moments while also keeping it fun and easy going. In that short amount of time I probably took over 300 photos. So getting photos like this CAN be done even if you hate the winter season. Embrace it!


You're probably thinking "I have nothing to wear"

But styling for winter sessions can actually be super easy, and in some ways easier than you would for a photoshoot any other time of the year.

They #1 key for a photoshoot in the snow is GOOD SHOES! And right after that is a good coat or jacket that is trendy but will also keep you warm.

Other than that, it's pretty easy. Jeans and leggings would totally work if you don't feel like wearing a big flowy dress or skirt. But as you can see a big skirt moment will make for some epic photos. But that certainly does not mean you have to do anything crazy or over the top! Comfortability, color scheme, and good shoes. That's what it comes down to.

How do you feel after reading this? Would you run around in the snow with your lover? Chances are you wont regret it if you did.

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