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The Meaning of Storytelling

The art of photography is basically just telling your story, right? But there is actually so much more to that than documenting your life. Photography, for me, isn't just a point the camera, tell you to "say cheese!" and click the button type of situation for me.

It's capturing you reading your favorite books to your children.

Catching real emotion between you and your partner after you talk about an inside joke.

The authentic feeling you have when your cuddling your baby and I tell you to breathe them in.

Lifestyle / Storytelling photography has truly become my passion in the short time I've been working towards this career. I knew going into it that I never wanted to be a traditional photographer, but I sure had no idea that it would mean so much to me to be able to capture such real moments between lovers and families.

This story unfolded when a breastfeeding Mom reached out to me asking if I could document one of her last days nursing her little girl as something to remember. Typically, anytime I have children involved in photoshoots that are this young, they totally get to run the show. There isn't a ton of room to force toddlers to do anything when it comes to having photos taken. So we hung out in her bedroom and just let things happen organically.

I knew that the goal was to get some breastfeeding shots, but I also knew that it wouldn't take up the entire session. This little girl was old enough to communicate when she was ready to nurse, so in the meantime she played with her blocks, showed me her books, checked herself out in the mirror. It really was just a time where she proceeded her life as normal and I was there to capture it with my camera.

If you follow me on any socials, you may have seen that I put out a ton of model calls this winter to keep myself busy. One of them was to get an intimate motherhood session in. After that model call, something along the way happened and I suddenly had several Mom's reaching out to me to get their own motherhood sessions done. This type of work filled my schedule for February and I even have a few more scheduled for the months to come.

I am honestly so happy and grateful that women trust me to get moments like these. I strategically share only the work that I want to attract, and unfortunately that can get mixed up sometimes when people hire me. But storytelling, lifestyle, and authenticity are truly the moments I thrive on. When I sent out the gallery to this Mom she told me she was in love, and that's always the response I want to get when I send photos out.

The best moments are the ones that just... happen. No guidance, no prompting. Just living. Storytelling doesn't have to happen between a Mom and her babies, either. It can happen with anything and that's why it's so beautiful. You and your partner, you and your dog, you and your siblings. It's endless and that's why it's my favorite way to document.

For information on my storytelling sessions please feel free to check out my session details tab and as always my inbox is always open.

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