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If someone told you they were going to be taking photos of you inside your home, how would you feel?! Uncomfortable? Stressed out? Panicked? Excited?

Most people who I connect with on a daily basis LOVE their home but still find things to be embarrassed about. It never being clean enough, unattractive furniture, kids toys everywhere, dog hair, you name it. But the truth is, 2020 brought everyone closer to their homes. I know that my home wouldn't have gotten nearly enough attention if we weren't in a global pandemic!

But seriously! Everyone is doing house projects lately, and trying to achieve a Pinterest worthy home. Which is great if that's what your jam is! I think in many ways social media can make people feel like they *have* to be doing what everyone else is doing with their homes. For example, my fiancée and I have been painting our flipped house and I reallllllly wanted to do an emerald green wall because I've seen other people do it and it looks amazing, all the time. I still would have loved to go for that color, but I knew that the next time I log into Instagram I would be seeing the same exact same thing on my social media that I see in my own home, and that's not the feeling I want to have.

My point is, everyone's house is true to who you are! We have a corner in our dining room where I literally pile all of my sons crap into and I'm okay with that because it keeps the counters clutter free, right? EVERYONE has a worthy home to take photos in and these days, were spending a lot of time in our houses (thanks Corona!)

So let's meet this fantastic couple. Connor and Olivia graciously invited me into their home to get some indoor lifestyle photos of the two of them + their sweet dog Lincoln. Their home is so beautifully lit and well decorated, I wish I could've stayed just a little bit longer. The high ceilings and hardwood floors made me very happy. In the time I was there, we explored all of our options to shoot in and spent about 5 minutes in each nook.

Sessions in your home can be extremely easy! Hear me out.

Like I said earlier, your home is WHO YOU ARE! So embrace it. Obviously there might be a few things that you absolutely don't want in your photos. My advice, throw it in a closet during your session and come back to it later. There are only a few main areas of your home that I usually like to shoot in, so the entire house doesn't need to be spotless. I promise you, it's okay.

I love using different elements of your home for photos. Kitchen, dining room, bedroom... there are so many ways for me to get creative, but also many ways to capture you and your person (or family) in your element, where you are most comfortable.


Get. Comfy! Wear what feels right. Jeans, casual tops, heck, even sweatpants and a sports bra if that's what you feel best in. To be clear, going all out is never frowned upon either. If you want to wear a fancy dress and your best shoes, go for it. It's your house, you make the rules. I'm just there to be your hype girl and tell you how amazing you look. (Because you do!)

Lately my life motto has been embracing who you are and what you have, and owning that shit. Life is too short to be hiding behind something you want to be, or wish you were. I encourage you to push yourself to trying something new this year, like loving your home. Documenting your days. Getting the photos taken.

What are your thoughts? Does this post have your palms itching to try something new and get pictures done inside your home? I'd LOVE to hear your feedback :)

PS... If you're on this post from my Instagram, feel free to go find this amazing couple in my feed and give them some love!

Thanks for sticking around & see you next time

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